Baffle Filter Replacement
Superior Steam Inc. offers Heavy duty Galvanized or Stainless Steel filters. Spark Arrestor filters for solid fuel cooking are also available. Damaged or worn filters should always be replaced to insure a properly maintained system.Exhaust Fan Hinge Kits
Allows exhaust fans to be safely lifted. Prevents damage to Fan and Electric Housing. NFPA requires all fans to have hinges to allow proper access for cleaning and maintenance.Area Specific: Savannah Hood Cleaning , Pooler Hood Cleaning , Hilton Head Hood Cleaning , Savannah Pressure Washing,Savannah Pressure Washer, Savannah Power Wash, Commercial Pressure Washing
Grease Containment Systems
These versatile systems prevent your rooftops from being exposed to grease overflow. Heavy grease build-up on roofs are the #1 cause for premature roof failures. Most commercial leases require tenants to repair roof damage caused by grease damage.Duct Access Panels
Superior Steam Inc. provides and installs Access Doors in ducts to facilitate the cleaning of areas that would be inaccessible. Access Panels enable us to do a complete job.Globe Replacement
Have us replace your missing or broken canopy globe. We carry most popular sizes and models.
  • Recycled Filter Service
    Recycled filter service is available on a weekly, biweekly and monthly schedule.
  • Save Today
    Avoid costly dishwasher and grease trap maintenance.
  • Grease Disposal
    Stay EPA compliant with your grease disposal.
  • Restaurant Hood Cleaning
    Avoid employee injuries and fire hazards with regular restaurant hood cleaning!

Call Today For A Free Estimate

Call 912-754-7652 or 912-228-2188 for a free estimate.


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